Best Dentist in Central NJ

Looking for the best dentist in NJ?  You found her in Dr. Mary V. DeCicco.  She provides… Read More>>

Best Dentist in Central NJ Best Dentist in Central NJ

Professional Organizations

Dr. DeCicco has just been named one of New Jersey's top doctors in 2014!  Read all about it… Read More>>

Professional Organizations Professional Organizations

Pankey Dentist

As a Pankey Institute trained dentist, I am always concerned about your optimal dental care.… Read More>>

Pankey Dentist Pankey Dentist

Dental Care for You and Your Loved Ones

High quality dental care along with caring and compassion make going to the dentist less of… Read More>>

Dental Care for You and Your Loved Ones Dental Care for You and Your Loved Ones

In the Community

Dr. DeCicco concerns herself with those in the community.  The following lists her community… Read More>>

In the Community In the Community


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Dr. Mary V. DeCicco is a general and family dentist who welcomes patients of all ages, ranging from early childhood to late adulthood, including Geriatrics.  Dr. DeCicco has been servicing the central New Jersey area for the last 25 years.  Dr. DeCicco is located just north of Princeton, NJ and covers Somerset, Mercer and Middlesex counties. She has the prestigious distinction of being named … Read More>>

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Sealants Prevent Decay

Dental sealants create a barrier between the crevices on the top of your teeth and the bacteria from food (plaque) that causes decay.  Since most decay occurs on the tooth surface, sealants help protect against it.   Although try as we may, the grooves in our molars are almost impossible to keep totally clean.  That is where sealants come in. Sealants, made from plastic resin, are painted on the … Read More>>

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NJ Children’s Dentist

Put your mind at ease as Dr. Mary DeCicco and her staff at DeCicco Dental provide excellent dental care as your premier NJ Children’s Dentist.  Look no longer.  Dr. DeCicco, along with her staff, have the gentle touch and experience needed to work with your child.  Trained at the Pankey Institute and in practice for over 20 years, Dr. DeCicco works tirelessly to provide the best dental care for … Read More>>

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